TOM DAY Director


Some directors make commercials, some make entertainment, and others, like Tom Day, somehow manage to effortlessly move between the two. After graduating NFTS and with British Arrow Gold Award quickly under his belt, Tom made his name in commercials for brands like Nike, Gucci, Adidas, Honda, and BT Sport. His work has been recognised by Campaign, Clios, Promax, The Royal Television Society, and more. In 2021, Tom released his first feature documentary ‘Nuffin for Nuffin’ – an underdog boxing story broadcast on the Olympic Channel and NBC Sport and his latest feature Battle of The Baddest released on Netflix in March 2024.

Whether in commercials or documentaries, Tom’s approach is to capture real human stories with a richly filmic edge. He has a dynamic and cutting-edge visual style, instilling his work with a balance of energy and honesty, bringing the audience to the heart of the action whilst championing the truth behind the characters on screen.


Clio Sports Grand Winner - 'No More Red' 
Promax UK Silver
- ‘Trash Talk’ 
Gold Creative Circle Awards - 'No More Red' 
Clio Sports Silver
 - 'Stevenage vs Everything' 

Creativepool Silver - 
'Trash Talk' 
Campaign Big Awards
 - 'No More Red'