Bermuda | A New Dawn

Bermuda’s first Olympic medal came in boxing in 1976. They have not medalled in any discipline since. 42 years on, led by the charge of two amateur boxers from the island, there is a dream to put Bermuda back on the map…

…watch this space.

An iNSIDER Original, directed by Tom Day.

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Director, DOP, Editor: Tom Day
Production Development: iNSIDER
Executive Producer: Simon Elborne
Sound Design: Rob Ashton
Colourist: Philip Louis Hambi
Music: Luke Antico

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Over the last year there has been a growing momentum and optimism within the close-knit Bermudian boxing community. Andre Lamb and Tyler Christopher have co-headlined a number of local fight nights and word is beginning to spread that these fighters might have something special. This wave of energy has created new excitement in grassroots boxing on the island with more and more kids and teenagers getting involved and down to the local gyms. People are now pulling together in the same direction - the dream is very much alive. The next big date is November 24th 2018 where Bermuda will host an exhibition fight night - their biggest to date.

With Andre and Tyler co-headlining it’s a vital bout in a 2 year journey that will prove pivotal in defining Bermuda’s history and importantly its future. Can they conquer the barriers laid before them? Can they qualify for 2020? Can they go on and medal at the Olympic games…?